Get Advertiser Intelligence

See the digital ad tactics of your peers and competitors to inform your strategy.


Remove the guesswork with automated creative insights

Build data-driven creatives (e.g. text with “benefits” and “today” and visuals with grass performed best) without needing to analyze data or guess. Then, streamline creative production with the assistance of generative AI.


Stop running pivot tables and start using AI

Have you ever done an audit of your ads account? What if you could get one in just a few clicks and automatically apply learnings to future campaigns?


Work smarter, and happier with seamless workflows

No more endless copy/paste, file folders, or materials all over the place. For your paid social creatives, bring all stakeholders and assets under one roof for cohesive reviews, feedback, and approvals. Then port new creatives into ad accounts with the click of a button.

How it works

Click the tabs below to understand the Who, What, When, Where of the digital advertising marketplace, and of your next campaign.

Who are peer advertisers targeting? 

See exact age and gender breakdowns aggregated for any Facebook/Google advertiser or topic.

What platforms, channels and creatives?

See what messaging and creatives are used most and are working, plus get real-time  ad spend and CPMs by platform.

When are they activating?

See when advertisers’ spend spikes, and be alerted when topics of interest are trending in ads.

Where are they spending heaviest?

Get state-by-state breakdowns of spend by topic and advertiser. Want to see the data by zip code, too? Get in touch.