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Customer Stories

How this preeminent agency is using Purposely.ai to optimize top-tier nonprofits’ Facebook ads Creative


Top-tier nonprofits piloting


Improvement in purchase conversion rate (test 1)


Improvement in purchase conversion rate (test 2)

Our engagement with M+R was initiated at their annual nonprofit marketing Benchmarks release event in May 2022. As a side note, if you’ve done any sort of marketing for nonprofits, and you don’t have M+R’s Benchmarks bookmarked, you’re missing out! M+R moved fast to begin piloting with a few clients, and we’ve been partnered ever since. 

The Challenge

As the top digital marketing firm serving nonprofits, M+R wants to remain ahead of the curve, which includes staying at the forefront on AI tools. They also do a ton of planning and production of creative for Meta advertising, and otherwise. M+R didn’t have a streamlined way to develop messaging + visual assets that are likely to perform well based on their clients' past data, goals, timing, and countless other factors. 

We often spend a lot of time hypothesizing why specific creatives resonate with audiences and manually try to pull together best practices based on what we see from specific high-performing creatives. We decided to pilot purposely.ai as a means to streamline that process and identify creative best practices by client that are updated on an ongoing basis. Kristen Witkin, Senior Vice President, Advertising

The Result

After getting used to the platform, M+R began integrating insights into new ad creative launches. In early January 2024, M+R incorporated a batch of new text phrases that Purposely.ai had shown to perform well in new ad launches for USA for UNHCR (the U.N. Refugee Agency) and another key M+R client.

Purposely.ai showed that messages with urgency performed well, and in particular, the “⏰” emoji and the phrase “now is the time”. So M+R incorporated the phrase “⏰Now is the time to act” into 26 new ads. After running for roughly 2 weeks, these ads drove 66 purchases (donations) at a purchase to impression conversion rate of 0.012%. In contrast, all other ads for this client that ran during the same period generated a conversion rate of 0.006%. Thus, the ads with the key message that Purposely.ai surfaced as an opportunity in fact converted at a rate 104% better than average. 

Although not every instance showed a lift in performance, a key phrase for UNHCR drove an even bigger improvement than the previous example. M+R tested the phrase “the harsh cold season”, which Purposely indicated would do well. Indeed, it generated a 162% increase in purchase-impression conversion rate. 

We look forward to continue tracking the success of these creative optimizations. We are honored to partner with such an inspiring agency in M+R, and are eager to continue generating mutual value. 

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