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Customer Stories

How this award-winning agency realized 50% time savings using Purposely.ai


Time savings


Clients onboarded in first 3 months

December, 2023

Annual contract signed

Nashville-based marketing and communications agency MP&F Strategic Communications engaged Purposely in the fall of 2022 as an early beta partner to help manage a key client with a portfolio of brands. They ran Facebook ads for 30+ brands in the healthcare space, and needed a more streamlined way of managing it all. 

The Challenge

Within the “house of brands” client, each one had a separate brand, separate Facebook presence, distinct features, and unique stakeholders who required approvals. However, there were also similarities in the ads they launched, especially in terms of copy and visual themes. The biggest missing piece for MP&F was a centralized tool to manage all the ad creative, approvals and launches efficiently across all the distinct accounts. The status quo for their process to brainstorm, build, get approval on, and launch ads spanned across multiple docs and project management tools. Assets and stakeholders were dispersed, and the back-and-forth to get approval was both time consuming and involved changes in multiple tools and platforms.

Purposely not only helped us consolidate review and approvals of ad creative into a single platform to save time and back and forth, it’s also helped streamline the onboarding process for new team members who now only have to learn to navigate a single platform. Madi Lutz, Senior Marketing Strategist

The Result

With Purposely, MP&F was able to move all assets and stakeholders under one “roof” for a cohesive experience in building, getting approvals, and launching Meta ads. After piloting with a single account, they scaled to 34 client accounts managed through Purposely, which is able to seamlessly deploy multiple ads across distinct ad sets and campaigns. MP&F realized at least 50% time savings in their build/approval processes, and expanded to an annual contract to continue benefiting from and shaping the direction of Purposely.ai. MP&F has been a delight to work with and an instrumental beta partner. We’re thrilled to continue generating value for their clients together.

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